Wednesday, July 6, 2016

How to Get a Very Restful Sleep

Sleep takes an important role in our life. We live in two periods of time, the day and the night. God makes it let us do effort during the day and get rest in the night. It's a very balancing rule.

After a long day of doing activity, whatever our job, we should take a sleep properly. I will support our next day because our body have been recharged like a battery. By recharging again, our body gets energized again and whatever we want to do, it's very enjoying.

On the contrary, that's a warning if we lack of sleep. It feels very tired and lazy.
Yes we know how important to sleep. But there will be some problems when we try to sleep completely. Not only comes from the outside of our self but also it comes poorly from the inside of our self. These are some beneficial tips to allow your body get rested well during your sleep.

1. Turn the light on

One of the little thing we don't get a full charged sleep is we don't turn the lamp off. Why this important? Our body actually responses to light and darkness as a Circadian cycle. It tells our body whether it's day or night. If it's day, the cycle tells our body to wake up. If it's night, our body should take a rest or sleep. However, the case that shows is we keep turn the light on. It tells our body that it's still a day. This will prevent your body to sleep and you will feel hard to sleep. So don't turn the light on if you want to feel sleepy.

But what will happen if we can't turn it off? This is probably your problem when you are on a traveling (on a plane). Or you want to sleep but your friend still watching tv and the light beams you prevent you from falling asleep. All you have to is very simple. You could wear an eye mask for sleeping to block all that light. It's not expensive. You only need some bucks to have it. Even, you will feel better sleep with this good because it provides you a darkness, a total darkness. It's even better than turn the light off.

2. Exercise

Make your body tired. It's very recommended to do some exercises before two hours of sleep. Then have a shower to heal your tired body. After that, you may feel very sleepy. Don't go to the bed directly. Have a water will help your body feel better before sleeping.

There are many exercise you could do. You could run, pull up, sit up or the other exercises related to body building. Or even it would be the best exercise if you do yoga. Yoga is really great for activating your growth hormone but at first it will make you sleepy after doing it.

3. Drink Milk

Drinking milk will make you very tired and help your body get charged well. You could see the difference how you feel your body if you drink milk or not. Try to drink a glass of milk.

Milk has rich nutrient that your body needs. But if you have a weight, don't drink the milk which has high fat. That nutrient will maximize your metabolism while sleeping.


Those are some tips from us may could help your get restful sleep. Feel a better day starting from a better sleep.

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